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This reusable unique US Design patent pending adapter has been developed to convert the one piece caulk tube into a more versatile product giving the DIY enthusiast and professional the ability to use it as an everyday nozzle with the added value of the unique reusable ball joint allowing the user to extend and bend the nozzle whilst keeping both hands on the applicator.

US Adapter

Reaches areas regular nozzles find impossible

Super Nozzle can be used as an everyday regular nozzle or you can extend it and bend it to any configuration making a difficult job easy. With a high degree of articulation it reaches areas regular nozzles find impossible.

It should be in the toolkit for all contractors involved in applying sealants.

The Super Nozzle ball joint is unique and reusable. Once you select the adjustable angle to the job in hand, you are able to keep both hands on the caulking gun whilst applying the sealant.

Our customers include Jaguar Land Rover, Ship building industry, Caulking gun manufacturers USA, Sika Switzerland, Arbo Sealants UK, 800,000 ball joints sold worldwide.

Supernozzle US packaging
Supernozzle gets silicone sealant in to those hard to reach places with an adjustable angle.
  • Each pack comes with a reusable unique one piece cartridge adapter
  • With the four nozzles in the pack you can cut nozzle sizes of your choice
  • The ball joint is easy to clean, reusable and lubricated by the silicone

Supernozzle cut nozzles

Sealant nozzle - guttering
Sealant nozzle - taps
Sealant nozzle - threshold
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SUPER NOZZLE 45® is a USA trademark pending approval

Super Nozzle , Sealant Nozzle , Super Nozzle gets sealant in to those hard to reach places with an adjustable angle of approach

This sealant nozzle has been developed with an adjustable ball joint.

The class leading silicone sealant application.