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Super Nozzle

The Sealant Nozzle with Adjustable Angles

SUPER NOZZLE 45 ® has been selling for ten years for use with industrial barrel guns bringing benefits to the DIY Enthusiast and professional Caulker. It gets sealant in to those hard to reach places with an adjustable angle of approach.
  • The pack comes with a reusable unique one piece cartridge adapter
  • With the four nozzles in the pack you can create cut nozzle sizes of your choice
  • The ball joint is easy to clean and reusable and the silicone lubricates the ball joints

Easy and efficient caulking

Like all good innovation Super Nozzle is designed to make jobs easier and more efficient.
  • A world first
  • Simple to use and very effective
  • Reaches areas regular nozzles find impossible
Marine Sealant Nozzle is a variation of Super Nozzle. With this version of Super Nozzle the orange ball joint adapter has a standard fine metric thread that matches marine sealants that are packed in metal cartridges with metric threads.

Marine Sealant Nozzle is the class leading silicone sealant tool for marine applications. It fits SIKAFLEX-291i 3M Marine Sealant 5200 SIS 440

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supernozzle set ups

supernozzle cut nozzles / different sizes

Marine Super Nozzle

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Super Nozzle , Sealant Nozzle , Super Nozzle gets sealant in to those hard to reach places with an adjustable angle of approach

This sealant nozzle has been developed with an adjustable ball joint.

The class leading silicone sealant application.